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工程簡介/ Brief introduction
Wuxi Hongtong Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces painting equipment, distillation equipment and devices for two-way mixing reaction kettle system and engages in various kinds of turn-key projects and full automatic control system engineering. The products of complete system engineering cover more than twenty provinces and cities across the country. In recent years, the company has successively undertaken design, equipment fabrication, installation and commissioning of complete engineering of DCS and PLC control for Singapore Pioneer, Taiwan Big Long (Huizhou) Company, India Sika, Laos Sika and Japan Sika, that is, “Turnkey Projects”, and we are well received by the users. We wish to sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks with first-class technology, first-class equipment and first-class service!

總體合作方案/General cooperation program
3南方彩票平台、項目改造:項目擴建南方彩票平台、 項目改造。
4、技術服務:工藝改良優化設計南方彩票平台、 技術研發合作南方彩票平台、 專有技術提供。
1. Engineering design: plan design --- prepare feasibility study report---preliminary design, construction drawing design---drawing review- construction clarification - completion inspection and acceptance.
2. Engineering general contracting: prepare feasibility study report---overall design--- project application --- construction--- equipment procurement and installation---equipment commissioning---completion inspection and acceptance.
3. The modification of the project: project expansion, project modification.
4. Technical services: process improvement & design optimization, technology R&D and cooperation, proprietary technology provision.